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WTF is a NFT and why does Gary Vaynerchuck talk about it so much?


NFT stands Non Fudgable Token Which is a unique token associated with a digital asset and is forged on the blockchain. NFTs are used as proof authenticity and proof of ownership of a digital assets. Gary V talks about so much because its fucking awesome.

Gary v saying 100%

Do you have a Roadmap


Where were goin we dont need roads. I dont have the resources right now to deliver on huge computer coded ideas. So for now its all about the art But who knows what the future holds.

Do your NFTs have Utility?


For now I am in it for the art. I made this decision because I didnt want my art career to turn into the latest failed kickstarter campaign. I dont have the resources right now to deliver on huge computer coded ideas. But who knows what the future holds.

Wen Mint?


Literally at random so follow ya boy on twitter.

What do I need to get an NFT ?


Number 1 you need some cash 🤑 and a digital wallet. Once you have those things you will be able to get started copping some NFTs.

Why are you a floating head?


Why arent you a floating head?

What wallet do you recommend?


Im not the digital wallet expert but in my time playing with crypto I've had a few. I personally have loved my experience with Metamask its integrated with many platforms and very user friendly.

If you are new to the crypto and NFT space it might not be a bad idea to start there.🦊

Why NFTs ?


I feel that as an artist I have been waiting for NFTs. I do so many things creatively and have always wanted my different disciplines to come together to make my unique expression.

With NFTs my music my art & my experiences can be one piece. I don't have to force myself into a box to fulfill institutional expectations of what art is or could be.

Do you have multiple wallets connected your art profiles ?


Yes 😐 when minting my first NFT on Rarible I impulsively created a wallet that was so annoying to log into. By the time I was verified I had moved to a different one.

The wallet connected to my rarible account has been repurposed to be my NFT vault. You will never see me mint from that address ever again.

Wait, cant someone just copy and paste the artwork that I bought ?


Yes someone could copy and paste the artwork associated with a NFT. BUT the NFT that is attached to that artwork can never be copied.

Copy and paste is the equivalent to a Cleon Peterson poster printed at your local Walgreens. The owner of the NFT has the original Cleon Peterson piece it's a 1 of 1. Your NFT equals authenticity.

gary v doing a weird hand gesture like he dosnt care

Do you sell physical items ?


Currently I do not sell physical art. In the future I plan on selling prints, books and original physical pieces.

If you are interested in that and want to stay tuned, follow my twitter. I will let you know when those items are available.

Why dont you have an email?


When is the last time you checked your email lol. Twitter is my email.